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Smart Rockstars is a group of experienced IT professionals
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Smart Rockstars specializes in unique, complex and custom web solutions matching our customers' business needs. We deliver end-to-end solutions starting from concept and strategy, and finishing with design, realization and support.

We develop web applications, portals, products for internal enterprise use, social network applications, web services, etc. Our dedicated teams provide customers with a full cycle of web services development.

We are experts in: Java, Python, Clojure, PHP, RESTful APIs, JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular, React, ExtJS, Sencha Touch, HTML, CSS etc.


Mobile devices have revolutionized the social world. They have become an integral part of our professional activities as well as personal life. Mobile solutions have the potential to drive key strategies in business growth and offer plenty of opportunities for gaining competitive edge.

Smart Rockstars specializes in native apps, hybrid technologies and web applications. We work with common mobile platforms including Android and iOS, using Java, SQLite, OpenGL, Swift and other tools.


Variety of database products on the market today puzzle our clients which one to choose. Our business analysts and IT experts help our customers to select the most suitable variant for their business requirements.

We have expertise in the both relational DBs as well as NoSQL databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra etc.

Also, we have long-term experience of using Oracle DB and PostgreSQL in complex projects with large analytical data processing. Our company provides database design, optimization, data migration, building complex relations between datasets, data merging etc.


Cloud technologies help our customers to save money. Instead of buying bunch of expensive equipment our customers prefer to use virtual machines and other network infrastructure of global providers.

Cloud solutions do not interfere in efficiency and are much cheaper. Plus, customers do not have to think about hardware maintenance, support and other secondary stuff.

Cloud is not just the latest trend for us. We have an extensive expertise and vision of benefits using cloud technologies. We help to design and implement cloud solutions, backup strategies, security measurements and storage facilities with cost effective approach.

We develop scalable web systems and SaaS solutions. We are experts in cloud services of leading providers such as Amazon, Google, RackSpace, EMC, and others.


  • Internet Marketing

    Management and Reporting Solution for automating business processes and interpreting complex data calculation into analytical dashboards

    Oil & Gas

    Data Monitoring Software which acquires and analyzes a large volume of complex spectroscopy data, facilitates user-friendly access for the various hydrocarbon processes in real-time


    Real-time Calculation Platform that indicates how financial products act during the trading day empowered by price change notifications, filtering and sorting features

  • Pharmaceutical

    Big Data Management Tool for importing and working with huge data sets. The service allows to simplify data analytics process for medical and pharmaceutical studies


    Data Analytics for Key Opinion Leaders identification which matches over 5 million activities, publications, associations, and others to certain leader, utilizing various data mining and natural language processing techniques


    Global Product Launch Solution is an integrated system for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies that produces a suite of real-time management, reporting and tracking tools

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